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Micro Instrument Corp brings over 75 years of industry experience to your machinery and manufacturing needs.

With Micro, you're getting an expert partner to methodically define areas of opportunity and identify the best solutions for improvement. Our management team's extensive experience guarantees the best consultation and project leadership that will directly impact your business performance.

Our knowledgeable staff, efficient products, and clear procedures deliver unmatched value and quality to our customers. From single precision parts to custom tooling, and exacting gages to innovative automation, we provide precisely what you need to increase your manufacturing productivity.

Micro has a proud history of helping our customers before and long after the sale. Our goal is simple: to achieve high performance relationships with each of our clients.

Micro Delivers:

  • Protection for people & machinery
  • Existing knowledge in the field
    • Experienced machine designers & builders who have worked on 4 continents
    • Experienced Project Managers & Management Team
    • Toolmakers & Engineers developed through the Micro apprenticeship program
    • Component suppliers
  • Compliance with industry standards
    • AS9100
    • ISO9001
    • FDA
    • GAMP
    • Latest safety standards: OSHA, IEC...
  • Easy installation & operation
    • Excellent communication, preparation, & thorough training/reference documentation
  • Flexibility in production
    • Robust design, efficiency in motion
  • Improved availability of system
    • Self-diagnostics
  • Long term security of investment
    • Standard programming languages & thorough technical documentation
    • Emergency maintenance support & spare parts supply
    • Stable ownership & debt-free financial standing
    • Servicing customers both before & long after the sale

Benefits of In-house Manufacturing Capability:

  • Better production control
  • More flexible scheduling
  • Reduced lead time
  • Increased communication
  • Better raw material control
  • Accelerated Prototyping and development options
  • Better quality
  • Reduced costs
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