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Micro Clean Room Medical Device Mold Delivery Medical Device Automation - Laparoscopic assembly products
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Servicing the Medical Industry across the Globe

Custom assembly and test equipment for medical device manufacturing is a primary sector of Micro's core competencies.

We've designed and built custom machines for the packaging of medical devices, as well as systems for the production of assemblies including:

  • Surgical Instruments
    • Laparoscopic surgical instruments
    • Suture end prep
    • Surgical needle & suture assembly
    • Suture packaging
  • Vision care
    • Contact lens manufacturing
    • Monomer curing
    • Packaging
  • Dental
  • Lab equipment
  • Blood analyzation
  • Drug testing
  • Wound care

Additionally, our engineers have experience with dry room facilities for implantable medical devices and lithium infused implantable medical devices.

Micro has operational systems on four continents - making the Micro team a partner with exceptional expertise.

Micro Manufacturing Benefits:

  • In-house Engineering, programming and manufacturing.
  • An ISO proven Project Management System.
  • Reliable rapid prototyping for assembly process verification and proof of concept.
  • When applicable the use of Lean Cell Manufacturing concepts for increased flexibility & efficiency while delivering reduced capital costs.
  • Collection & tracking of data per FDA requirements.
  • Experienced Validation support with FAT and SAT 
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