Apprenticeship Program

Micro Instrument Corp is one of the oldest manufacturing firms in Rochester.  We've thrived over the past seventy years only because of our passionate and skilled tradespeople.  We understand the importance of, and put a great deal of effort into employee training.  To this, Micro offers New York State accredited apprenticeship programs for young professionals interested in CNC Machining, Machine Building and Toolmaking.

Our finely tuned programs expose the apprentice to the rigid requirements of the custom machine and tooling business.  The apprentice will receive paid on-the-job training,  classroom style training under one of our apprenticeship coordinators and a set of portable skills that last a lifetime.

The successful apprentice completes the four year training, receives a Certificate of Completion from the New York State Department of Labor, and is recognized as a Journeyman.  Journeymen are among the most respected and successful tradespeople in the country, possessing hard skills that open doors to unlimited opportunity.

Micro's apprentices and Journeymen provide support to our clients in demanding industries like Aerospace, Defense, Medical Device, Optics, Nuclear Energy and Automotive.  Our toolmakers have produced parts that orbit Earth's atmosphere, and traverse the surface of Mars.  Our Engineers and Machine Builders have made machinery that handle everything from assembling pacemakers to airplane component testing.  Our Toolmakers and CNC Machinists have provided tooling for the F-35 Jet and various other aerospace and defense programs.  It's not easy to be part of our team.  In an industry where the most minute details can make a tremendous impact, only the best and brightest succeed.  Do you have what it takes?

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Engineering Apprenticeship

Micro also hires entry-level mechanical and electrical engineers to train in their engineering apprenticeship program.  Over one to two years a new engineer will gain valuable experience by working with our skilled machine builders learning the elements of good machine design and build.  The program provides real world manufacturing knowledge in a brief timeframe.  The knowledge gained in this program benefits Micro engineers throughout their exciting careers designing machines and bringing industrial automation to life.  

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