Refurbished machine, automation

Machine reliability and safety are two of the most commonly needed areas for improvement within manufacturing organizations.

Workplace accidents or equipment malfunctions have detrimental effects on any company. Without proper upkeep, outdated machinery becomes a major risk for your employees and reputation.

To ensure the well-being of your employees while maintaining the efficiency of your manufacturing process, every piece of equipment must be operating properly with no room for error. Consistent testing, maintenance, research, and upgrades are critical to every company's bottom-line.

By working with Micro, you're guaranteed expert consultation with over 70 years experience working directly with manufacturing machinery on a daily basis. We understand the importance of facility and machine safety, and we'll use our resources to help meet legal regulations and standards.

If you have equipment that is unreliable or needs to be upgraded to the latest quality and safety requirements, Micro can work with you to develop a strategic plan for improvement.

Refurbishment Options:

  • Upgrade of the machine to meet all appropriate safety regulations.
  • Assessment of wear items and proposal of a future maintenance plan.
  • Disassembly, replacement, repair and reassembly of machine.
  • Reverse engineer, redesign and realignment of mechanical assemblies.
  • Redesign electrical controls system using the latest technology and software to bring reliability and consistency to machine operations.
  • Assessment of hydraulic and pneumatic components with recommendations for rebuild, replacement, or redesign with the latest technology.
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