Manufacturing Documentation

The majority of Micro's manufactured components are intended for use in areas of critical duty. The failure of our products in their field of use could result in an unsafe environment, or even a catastrophic event.  As a result, it is Micro’s priority to apply the highest levels of quality assurance standards.

As each customer has different documentation requirements, Micro is prepared to provide;

      • Certificates of conformity
      • Material certifications and traceability
      • 100% inspection reports
      • Measuring equipment certification reports
      • Vendor documentation
      • First article inspections
      • Document retention

Micro understands that documentation packages can be extensive, and are often a deliverable product along with the hardware itself.  Our quality department has experience preparing documentation for the most stringent industries, including Aerospace, Defense and Medical Device.  Our quality personnel are highly trained and use a variety of inspection equipment.  We strive to continuously improve and are currently compliant with ISO9001 and AS9100 standards.  Micro is proud to provide the utmost in quality and on-time delivery and has been recognized by customers for our steadfast commitment.

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